Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wordpress has declared war on me!

Early last week I saw Harry Clarke had written something and so made a comment on his blog BUT the comment went into the ether. I thought little of it until I wrote something at John Quiggin's blog and the same thing happened. with my suspicions now well and truly at a high level I then attempted to congratulate Ken Parish on a number of thoughtful pieces at Club Troppo and then  attempted a comment at Lavatus Prodeo. all comments went into the ether. I then went to a few different blogs overseas but all wordpress and the same thing happened. This never happened at blogs that were not om Wordpress.

I then contacted Jacques Chester dictator of Ozblogistan to see if he knew how to fix it. The short answer was no he didn't have an answer but to contact all blogs to see if they could overcome the problem.

John Quiggin is the only blog here where you can contact a person so I sought out John to see if he could help me at least comment on his blog.

Alas after several conversations and several theories the same thing was occurring all the time.  He suggested trying a new name but I am not going to do that. I rather like Not Trampis ( even though Tony the Teacher is the ONLY person to pick up the deliberate mistake in spelling).

I actually do not comment a lot these days. not enough time, reading all the articles I put up on Around the Traps on Friday is time consuming in itself and
I find in my free time I am reading , writing and commenting on Castle a lot so ab present I am not all that bothered.

So what is it with Wordpress?