Monday, 26 August 2013

The election- Do I have a problem?

I have stated previously I always vote against the incumbent government after two terms. This is enough time to embark on any major reforms. Any time after this and the government gets stale and becomes lacklustre. The history of Australia bears this out convincingly.

However I am in the electorate of Bennelong. The two major candidates are like chalk and cheese.
 Jason Yat-Sen Li , the ALP candidate,is as impressive a candidate as I have ever met. He is a local, quite personable, is very good on the subjects he understands and is honest about subject areas he is less than comfortable with.
John Alexander, The Liberal member, is the complete opposite. He is easily the most unimpressive candidate I have ever met. Let us just say as a candidate he makes a great tennis player.

This I appear to be in a quandary. I believe in a change of government but if I vote in such a way I vote for a very unimpressive person.
Yes in actual fact the decision who to vote for  is easy and no I want be changing my voting policy at all.