Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Sydney Anglicans have an Election

Sydney Anglicans elected a new Archbishop at their Synod the other night.

I thought I might comment firstly on the position and then on the man.


I have always found it strange how Sydney Anglicans can be so biblically literate unlike most other Anglicans and thus fully support reformed theology as the only theology compatible with he bible yet support unreformed church governance.

As the old head of Moore College, Broughton Knox , would say 'Archbishop, I don't recall reading about an archbishop in the bible'!
We see in the New testament a whole lot of house churches which are wholly independent. The only time when there is a meeting of a of them is when a major theological question needs to be answered.

It does seem strange Sydney Anglicans hang on to a structure Catholics copied from the army!

Glenn Davies

I know Glenn Davies from  my time on the board of Robert Menzies college. He is one bright cookie. Indeed one of the brightest cookies I have come across. Having said that I was disappointed in at least two areas he has either spoken on or written about.

Firstly 1 Corinthians 6:9 has nothing to do with male prostitutes. That was a very silly error.
Secondly whilst it is true there is no word from God against being married to more than one wife. Only a complete imbecile could not fail to notice in every story involving more than one women in a marriage there is a lot of grief!

Having said that he should be a good spokesman for the Anglican denomination in Sydney. He speaks clearly , intelligently and without aggression. In this he is clearly similar to Peter Jensen!