Monday, 19 August 2013

Castle- Beckett , Watershed , DC Job and the rest

I have had another debate with the dear lady at  Writing on the Castle Walls.
Here is what she says.
( Just for historical brevity here is what I have said about the Watershed episode and Job in DC here and an update on Kate Beckett here and here.)

I do have a lot of time for this lady and her views and I like her a lot however I find myself in disagreement over these issues.

What I am going to attempt to do is show how Kate Beckett cannot go to DC and cannot get engaged YET!
First of all let us examine the DC job from a number of perspectives and in no particular or importance.

1) Relationship. Both Castle and Beckett realise you cannot have a relationship and this job. It involves long hours ( without the pay to 'compensate'). Imagine Castle comes to DC. He does little during the day and waits for her to come home. When she does come home she is physically exhausted and emotionally spent. Now remember two things. They are very bad at talking to each other and the only thing they have gong for them is a healthy sex life. Beckett would be irritable coming home. Castle a tad too as he is waiting for her company. She just wants to have a bath and go to bed. He wants more. This leads to arguments and tension.
Moreover Beckett is not likely to be in the mood for sex. She needs rest.The workday is very exhausting. Castle already knows about this from his experience with Gina. She was in a high paying executive publishing job at Black Pawn. However the long hours of work meant very little sex!

We should also take into account how important the professional relationship is for Caskett. They both thrive on it as they are partners. They need each other to solve crimes. This interlinks and is vital for their emotional relationship. Without the professional relationship the whole relationship would deteriorate if not dissolve!

There is no need to say having children is totally out of the question with this job but I said it anyway.

The choice is Caskett or DC. Both agree on that or is Beckett being portrayed as that silly she can have her cake and eat it too.Shades of Demming?

2) Experience. Beckett's only experience of the Agency is Stack. The man is a transparent liar, arrogant, willing to go outside the law, incompetent and a braggart.He asks one of the most stupidest questions one ever hears. Where do you think you will be in five years time. Also remember her team solves a murder in a day that the super  agency couldn't in a year!  After such an experience why would any sensible person go near the Agency?

3) Ambitions A person who is ambitious and career driven is easy to spot. Kate Beckett is not such a person. We learnt this in the very first episode. We learnt further in the second series she gets her kicks from putting murders behind bars. Moreover after Castle's birthday  she agreed with him in looking forward to solving another 100 more murders. Suddenly out of nowhere Beckett has changed. Why?
What has occurred that would mean her idealism has ended and she wants a new career? It rarely if ever happens in a very short time. This is a gradual thing but not here!

4) Networking. Beckett goes into the interview having done no preparation at all. She could have rung up both Will Sorensen and Jordan Shaw to find out about the interviewer and the job but didn't. If they didn't know personally they probably did know someone who could have helped her. No-one but no-one goes into an interview so ill prepared. She probably didn't ask many questions because of this. This is not the action of an intelligent woman. It speaks volumes about the interviewer as well!

5) Job. She keeps on saying that this is a great job but only talks in banal generalities. Most people can easily point to a lot of specific reasons why a job is a great job. Not Beckett. Why?

6) Hypocrisy Beckett rejected Sorensen because he was transferred to Boston yet she expects Castle, who earns a lot more money than she will ever do, to follow him no matter what or she expects the relationship to break up. either way it is not a good look for Beckett.

7) Gates  Gates gives Beckett her highest recommendation. This makes no sense at all. She has suspended Beckett from duty. Furthermore it was only recently Beckett broke several regulations when 'guarding' Vaughn. Thus either Gates is very devious or incompetent! We have no evidence she is devious.

Although we all want to see Castle and Beckett married getting engaged now is madness.  The couple have pretty basic communication problems. These have to be worked out before one even contemplates marriage.
Being unable to talk to each other is pretty common amongst divorced couples.

Beckett has yet to experience her watershed moment. Hence her attempt to run away from the relationship could occur again when her silly and irrational fears present themselves again as they must.Beckett doing a runner when they are married would be curtains ,emotionally, for both as neither would or could recover.

Although people would say both are in love with each other you need more than just being in love to get married. One might ask how a person in love could contemplate doing a runner or  a pursue  job which must end any relationship.

When Castle proposes he says 'whatever you decide'. There is a big problem. This means they are not a couple. Both He and She are merely two individuals who have sex. They do not go out for fear of being seen together.If they were a couple then they would decide not her! They need to become a couple before getting engaged. They clearly are not a couple yet. Joint decisions mean sacrifices and compromises. It is all about OUR life it is NEVER about MY life. Thus if Cattle had said 'whatever WE decide' then that would have indicated they were indeed a couple  as it is they are merely two individuals in a relationship

Therefore Beckett cannot go to DC and they need to wait before contemplating marriage. Beckett has been portrayed as an unintelligent woman. This needs to be rectified quickly. We need answers to pretty basic questions . We need to know why the series has become so contradictory and inconsistent and it all needs to be done in the first episode of series 6.

Marlowe has a lot of work to catch up on!

Time for Coldplay/Castle video. This is fabulous. This is for the wonderful lady from Writing on the Castle Walls. May you live long and prosper!