Monday, 12 August 2013

The Election

Okay for those lazy people who have yet to realise what blogs are the best to look at during the election here are some you should definitely read:

I have said previously I really am not interested in the election. however here are a couple of thoughts
  • Murdoch's lies will have little effect. History shows when Murdoch blatantly lies and turns up the propaganda machine it matters little. It doesn't matter whether it is 1972 here  or the last US election.
  • Journalist's are all about who 'wins' on the day, week etc. It rarely matters either. I remember Graham Morris being all worried in 1996 after Howard having a horror week. I told my mate don't worry the polls will be better for you as they want a change of government. That is what occurred. Despite all the evidence being against him Morris continues with this stupid winner of the day theory even today!
  • There is usually a swing back to the government of the day as the campaign nears its finish. Even Howard got this in 2007 running a lethargic campaign. This is one of the reasons Mumble favours an ALP win.

As to who will win. I don't care and furthermore it won't matter as very similar policies will be implemented.