Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The election or another rant on why the ALP will lose

Two articles yesterday show why the ALP will lose this coming election.

First John Quiggin in a pretty good piece argues that the ALP should be aggressively defending their record and pursuing the Howard record because Keynesian economics has been vindicated through the GFC.
I wholeheartedly agree of course since I have written about this previously. Only mad people and liars think otherwise. The evidence is quite simply overwhelming.

However John misses the point. Even if Rudd and Bowen were at a Keating type level of economic persuasion ,and they are not, it is far too late to make a large dent in the economic debate. If you have withdrawn from the debate for 4 or 5 years you cannot make up for it in 3 or 4 weeks.

Grogs Gamut examines whether there has been a wages breakout or not.Again in this debate only airheads and madman have argued that there is one occurring.
 The RBA would be raising rates if this was happening and would be extremely vocal about it.
As it is they are almost mute on the subject and for good reason. Wages are simply doing what they normally do when the economy weakens. There has not been a skerrick of evidence around to suggest the labour market has become more regulated and that wages are behaving differently now than in the past.

The point here is a half decent political party should be ramming these points home. That they are not show how poor  political operators they have been.

Poor political operators with little to no political smarts in them do not deserve to win elections and never ever should complain.