Sunday, 4 August 2013

Federal election

We know now a federal election will be held on September 7. Kevin Rudd has been sensible in holding it before Cricket season starts.

I really do not care who wins the election as very little will actually change.

I do think a party should only be in for two terms this I would like to see a change of Government.

The fact the Opposition has not shown they are clearly not ready for government holds no brook for me.

If they win they will either grow quickly into the job once they realise the difference between reality and  perception or they will flounder and they will be kicked out at the next election.

I used to be a political junkie thriving on election campaigns and their minutiae but now i am completely indifferent to them.

September 23 to me is more important than September 7!


Some people have asked me if the Opposition will impose the austerity policies they are espousing.

I think the opposition , like all oppositions , are having it both ways. They might shout about Austerity policies but that is only for political effect. Once in power reality bites and no-one with an ounce of sense would impose austerity at the present time. It would guarantee a recession and a loss at the next election.
I am unsure of what they may do but they will be advised by sensible bureaucrats so I am not worried about them committing hari kari at this stage!

Further Postscript.

Best result.

Coalition win with 51% of the vote or less and of course do not have a majority in the Senate