Sunday, 4 August 2013

Castle- Is it about to jump the shark?

The lovely lady from Writing on the Castle Walls stated here her understanding of both Watershed and whether Beckett can go to DC and therefore take the new job she was offered.

I do love this lady. She has a passion for the series you can only admire, She thinks through things well and can write so beautifully I could read her all day if it were possible.However her article left me in great despair.

If the last episode of series 5 is to be called Watershed it can only be about a watershed in the Caskett relationship. This is what Castle is all about Castle and Beckett working together and then being together now as a couple. They are interconnected and related. you cannot have one without the other.

The emerging problem as we have observed here and then further here  is that it is Kate Beckett not Richard Castle that is the problem. Castle does have worries and anxieties that she will run away from the relationship but these worries have a firm foundation.Beckett's fears and worries are completely irrational and silly.  She thinks Castle is getting bored with her and he will leave her.
(Think about this for a minute. Here is a man who tried to take a bullet for her, has waited 4 years to be with her and then showed he would rather be dead than alive if she was killed. None of this has registered with her!!)
Thus the watershed moment cannot be the proposal. It matters not whether they are marries or not. If she gets these fears again she will run!

The only watershed moment can be Beckett has realised at long last that her fears and anxieties about the relationship she has with Castle are simply stupid!

DC Job

When Castle first finds out about this job he correctly says that taking such a job would mean the end of their relationship. She cannot understand this. The reason being she is a very immature person emotionally. In crude but accurate terms she is an emotional bimbo!

  • At no stage does she ever explain to anyone she talks to why it is a great job. It is simply a great job. This means her friends are not very bright either. Believe me the first thing you tell anyone about discussing a new  'great'job is why it is indeed great. Indeed it is hard not to stop about why it is. But in this instance nothing!
  • She at no time thinks to talk about this to the man she is in a committed relationship with. We are led to believe she is doing this to run away from the relationship BUT if she accepts the proposal then there is no reason to accept the job! If she accepts the proposal why would she go to DC?  The job would be detrimental to the relationship. She even admitted this.
  • We learnt in the very first episode of Castle of why she became a cop, It was for idealistic and altruistic reasons. If she now accepts the job those reasons are now irrelevant BUT we have been given no information of why this is so and how this happened. Again in real life people do not change from idealistic types to ambitious career driven people overnight. It is a changing experience which everyone can observe but not here?
  • Her success as a detective over the last five years has been directly a result of having Castle as a partner. both at building theory and in the field he has been an outstanding partner. He can't be her partner in DC. My brother was a detective and believe me you never ever give up a good partner and it takes forever to 'break' in a new one so they understand your idiosyncrasies and you theirs. 
  • The Agency performed poorly when her team dealt with them . Her team solved a murder in a day the agency could not solve for over a year and Stack went outside the law.
  • It is said Castle is a writer and he can write anywhere. Any one who has gone to one literary lunch knows that is incorrect.Moreover even though Castle has made a deliberate decision to write less books now because he works with Beckett ( something again she has never recognised) he stills earns a lot more money than she ever will. Why would the higher income earner in the relationship be subservient to the lower income earner?
  • Gates has suspended her from duty once so how can she give Becket her highest level of approval? 
  • Working in DC means no relationship and thus no children. 
  • She was in charge of a team at the 12th, She will not be at DC.
  • I think it is pertinent to point out here almost all the stories about post watershed in Castle fanfiction land had Beckett breaking up with Castle if she went to DC. Even the ones where she didn't it,  she then  realises before much time the job is bad for the caskett relationship. One never needed to be Einstein to work that out. It stood out very clearly from the outset.
I could go on and on but the point is if Beckett accepts the job in Dc then she clearly has not thought through the implications very well at all. Indeed if she accepts the job she goes from being an emotional bimbo to a full grown bimbo.

I am now having a lot of trouble seeing any logic or continuity in the last three episodes IF Beckett goes  to DC. 
Marlowe's comments on the disastrous quail episode seems to indicate he has no idea of what a normal relationship is all about.
He has not responded to the criticism of Beckett in the last episode at all.
If he has written that she goes to DC he has just arrogantly dismissed one of the great truisms of life. When you are on a good thing stick to it.
He is changing Castle as a show for the worst.
We watch Castle for the Caskett relationship but we cannot get this if she is in DC for the first three episodes.
He may well have caused Castle to jump the shark as it may not recover from such a radical change.

Castlefan at TV Fanatics site on the  Watershed episode made a great call of saying what if she goes to DC but only for a temporary period. Thus she doesn't accept the job offer. This would make sense and it would mean Beckett does have the intelligence we know she possesses.

Whoopsy obligatory Castle/Coldplay  video which makes one tearful if Beckett goes to DC. It gains greater poignancy!

listen to the lyrics