Thursday, 7 February 2013

Around the Traps 8/2/13

It is Friday so again we look at some of the more interesting items at various blogs.

  • Kevin Bonham looks firstly at essential-polls and then at polling overall in the leadup to an election.As I said last week Kevin is a must read now we know an election will be held on September14. Well done Big Kev!
  • Mumble and John Quiggin disagree about NSW and the 'Obeid' effect. I favour Mumble. The Quiggler has a Ken Parish record when it comes to election forecasting.
  • A little late on this but the Piping Shrike looks at the resignation of two ministers
  • Andrew Gelman looks at the philosophy and the practice of Bayesian statistics. Ladies and Gentlemen if you love your statistics as I do then this is a must read blog. Well done Andy!
  • Alex Tabarrok looks at why on-line education works. Watch it take off here once the NBN is in place. ( Yes I do know something)
  • Corey Robin  shows Brad De Long believes, as I do to, that Allen Dershowitz would not allow Hannah Arendt to speak at Brooklyn College.  ( This reminds me of a silly episode some time ago here. Gerry Henderson wanted David Irving banned because he denied the Holocaust but he would not do the same to people who deny the Armenian holocaust. Why the Hypocrisy? Israel denied it!)
  • Barkely Rosser looks at government purchases and government spending and  the myth of money multiplier. He is on fire.David Glasner comments on this as well and he got it through me. (Me! My head is exploding. ) Seriously this is an interesting topic.
  • Thomas Palley critiques MMT
  • Mike Konzal tells us why Republicans are wrong about the CFPB
  • Peter Diamond examines cyclical and structural unemployment. ( WARNING NBER paper)
  • Joa Santos ( from NY Fed) looks at whether securitization lead to riskier lending.
  • Menzies Chin looks at the evolving views on fiscal multipliers. He also looks at interesting ( cough) research from Heritage.
  • Kruggers looks at Spending cuts and monetary policy as well as rate expectations
  • Harry Clarke looks at Adam Smith and virtue ethics. The Cad doesn't like the hobbit!
  • Simon Wren-Lewis looks at Labour Productivity in recessions  and Mark Carney's first testimony
  • Lord Keynes looks at European countries during the Great Depression. Austria is worst because it adopted Austrian policies. ( Katesy will go mad again!)
  • Ricardian Ambivalence looks at the RBA statement and sees a march rate cut well maybe. ( Another must read.)
  • Noah Smith looks at post recession recoveries.
  • David Altig disagrees with Robert Gordon
  • David Glasner gives us two reviews. just read it. As always he is always interesting.
  • Kaiser Fong looks at 'big' data and cancer
  • I forgot this. Grogs Gamut absolutely demolishes Andrew Bolt. We knew Bolt was a dolt on statistics. He is just as bad at graphs. Why doesn't he talk to his brother on climate change?

Can I just say somewhat immodestly this is the best around ( only because Mark Thoma does it for each day. how does that bloke sleep?) BUT it is a lot of very good reading.
That's all folks

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  1. "Mumble and John Quiggin disagree about NSW and the 'Obeid' effect. I favour Mumble. The Quiggler has a Ken Parish record when it comes to election forecasting."

    You're trying to win friends and influence people Homer? Again!