Monday, 18 December 2017

We retain the Ashes

As I forecast we have retained the Ashes. this prediction was not hard to predict.
I am unsure whether I made it here or at Aftergrog blog Cricket.

England was always going to lose because they never had the attack to get 20 Aussie wickets. They had no fast bowlers at all. Okay the other Overton was injured ( he is faster than any of our bowlers). Wood had an injury cloud and then we come to Stokes. Either he cannot play any form of cricket or he can play test cricket. They certainly missed him. ( I rate him a better all rounder than Botham or Flintoff)

I thought Cook was in his declining years but was not prepared for such a large decline. I did not think Root would go through such a bad patch ( by this stage he should have scored at least one ton).

Add to this Ali's inability at bat and ball here and you are looking at a 5-0 whitewash.

What is truly astonishing is every man and his dog knew there would be plenty of short balls yet all the batsmen , the tail enders in particular seemed surprised by this and had no idea on how to bat.

It is not hard to coach such people on how to bat yet this seems not to have occurred.

However even a 5-0 does not mean we shall retain the Ashes in in two years time. Our batsmen showed in Adelaide they are all at sea against a moving ball. Moreover we have an attack for Australian not English conditions.