Sunday, 31 December 2017

The Mind of Donald Trump

Let us look at three things that concern Donald Trump and speculate about his mental health.
First there is EZRA KLEIN on Trump's interview with the New York Times.
Klein asks whether he is a liar or delusional. What Klein does not do is to relate what Trump says to his age. He is quite old for a politician particularly  for one so inexperienced in politics. For those of us who have watched our parents descend from their lofty heights as parents to at times doddering people needing our help just to do basic things it would seem Trump's behaviour is very much of an aging man who is gradually losing his faculties. Remember Ronald Reagan had many anecdotes he thought was about  real life when in fact it was from a movie he starred in.

Second there is Jennifer Williams on examining Trump and Foreign Affairs.
What she misses IMHO is two aspects about Trump that stands out like a shag on a rock.
He is socially awkward. This is very unusual for a man as old as Trump.At his age he should know how to behave in public. Also he is almost obsessively self centered.
Notice how some of this  this relates to aspects of  Aspergers.
 Lastly let us examine how Trump believes cold weather means there is no global warming.Peter Sinclair almost anticipating this blows this argument apart. It is people not understanding the difference between weather and climate.Only people of an unsound mind would  fall for such a facile diagnosis. ( Notice how there is no similar statement when we have uncommonly hot weather.)

What we have is a man in clear mental decline. We do know he clearly was not like this 10 or 20 years ago.Indeed what does seem to rile him the most is when people criticise him for being stupid.
He clearly understood how to use the legal system to boost his business interests.
There are plenty of anecdotes about Trump which shows him socially awkward some time ago.

I wouldn't be surprised if the reason he doubles down all the time is to ensure people do not start talking about how many times Trump has a 'seniors moment'.

I am highlighting this because this is a recurring pattern. I fully expect this year and next to be of increasing articles about Trump's mental health.