Wednesday, 13 December 2017


The Bennelong re-election appears to be going to the wire. The latest poll is here. The margin of error is ion the largish side.

I have never seen so many pollies.

John Alexander appears very old and tired.I have never liked voting for candidates older then myself. Perhaps it is the drive from the Eastern Suburbs from where he lives!!
I have said previously how unimpressive he was as a candidate. KKK on the other hand appears a ball of energy and in the complete opposite to Alexander she has a personalty. I stand by my claim there were better candidates for the ALP than her.

My vote will be a changed vote as in the end the ALP will be getting my vote after voting Liberal twice . In my time honoured tradition I vote to change a Government after two terms and continue to do so until they are defeated.

Showing just how incompetent the Liberals are I have received a flyer from them in CHINESE. Yeah my name sounds chinese doesn't it!

I also got a robocall from Alexander on my mobile. Obviously political calls are allowed if you are on the do not call register.