Monday, 4 December 2017

Spending money on 'new' stadiums is patently absurd

Here in NSW the State government wants to spend well over $1b on building 'new' stadiums from current ones. Believe it or not they want to knock down the Olympic stadium a mere 127 years old and put up a brand new stadium.
No-one involved in sport is being asked to contribute a cent while they will get the benefit!
Let us take the old Sydney Sports ground. It is used primarily by Thugby league and Thugby union and football. The crowds rarely come within cooee of filling the stadium Except when the Sydney derby is on for football. So why do we need a new stadium?

Similarly the Olympic stadium is rarely filled. Only the Thugby League grand final and state of Origin has the stadium filled . sometimes the odd World Cup qualifier does it as well.

Why are we spending so much money when the stadiums will not be used efficiently?

I rarely agree with Peter Fitzsimons but on this I am on an unity ticket.

The State government could well suffer because of this. The punters know other areas of services the government provides that could use this money.

David Rowe on this