Tuesday, 5 December 2017

The Dual Citizenship fiasco continues

Australia's dual citizenship fiasco continues. See HERE

It continues because the Court of disputed Returns really hasn't made clear what  parliamentarians have to do BEFORE nominations are called for Parliament.

Most people who are skilled in legal expertise believe if people make an effort to disqualify themselves from dual citizenship then however even those people want the Court of Disputed Returns to make a full and direct statement on the subject. In other words when the said Court made their judgement not so long ago they did not significantly address this issue. The Court just did not do their job.

Thus it seems to me all cases have to be referred to the Court to find out exactly what prospective candidates have to do before nominations closed.

On the politics of it I hate to say it but Tony Burke is a star for the ALP. He knows how to criticise the government position on this without going over the top. no-one in government is capable of this. George Brandis for example  is absolutely hopeless because of this.

HERE is a view on what ALP members are putting their hopes on.