Tuesday, 19 December 2017

A Cabinet reshuffle goes awry

A Cabinet reshuffle is an opportunity for a free-kick for the government.  We hear such claptrap as the government has so much talent. , the Ministry is refreshed with the new blood etc.

It is a bipartisan deal the ALP is as bad with the claptrap as the LNP.

On a day where the government should have good news about it  in the media instead we have news Barnaby Joyce possibly the most over-rated politician in Parliament has punted two nationals from the ministry because one he hated his guts and the other had the temerity to think some-one else was better suited to be the Deputy leader of the Nationals than the person Joyce wanted.

It merely is another example of the government fighting within it self.

Whilst the dumping of both the Misters will not have the consequences of the snipping that Abbott clearly does I do think we will hear in the future of 'poor choices' made by Joyce from time to time.