Tuesday, 26 December 2017

TV Shows I have enjoyed and perhaps not over the Year

I watched The Good Doctor and enjoyed it. It is about a young man who is both autistic and has savant syndrome. The actor who plays him is brilliant as is Richard Schiff of West Wing fame.
As might be expected few people wanted him on the staff but he gets on  and eventually gets accepted. All the main characters of the series are strong. Some likable and others not just like in an office. The last episode has us on emotional tenterhooks.
I am still trying to work out how a kid who left home got to be a trainee surgeon.
It is a good series but not a great one.

Madam Secretary is still going. It is really the poor man's ( or should I say woman's) West Wing.  A small sexist point. She used to be a babe but in the current series she has aged. Still attractive but no babe. Wears glasses as all wonks do.
 The Characters all work EXCEPT her family. Her husband not only flew jets  but has a PhD in Theology. He is also in intelligence. nor are the kids believable.

It was a good series going to merely competent.

DCI Banks was an absolute pearler. All the characters were strong with Caroline Catz absolutely shining. It has now finished with Annie dying . She was the love of Alan Banks life. The series could no longer go on without her.
This was a great series.

Endeavour is still going on. It is about the young Chief Inspector Morse. Only in this instance Sean Evans really nails the character in which John thaw much early on didn't. You can see trying to protect vulnerable young women. You can see although unsure how women would find him given his honesty. He is also a topnotch detective. Helped a lot by Joe Thursday. Magnificently played by roger Allam. All the characters work as well. They also change as people do.

A Great series.

 Inspector Morse is a let down.  It is a let down because quite simply John Thaw is not believable as an intelligent classical music lover who is a dab at crosswords. how any woman could find this man attractive is beyond belief. What makes the series somewhat watchable is the support characters. His boos ( for most of the time) , Lewis all the time, and the male pathologist.

Poor series

Lewis was a revelation to me.It was far superior to Morse. Lewis is a very likable character.  Hathaway  his'sidekick' is what Morse should have been like in many ways. Again the characters are strong.

Wallander is sorry was a superb series. A great cast headed by the great Kenneth Branagh. It is a very dark police series. There is also the bonus of David Warner playing Wallander's father.
A young Tom Hiddleston is in it for a time as well. I never tire of watching this.

A great series

A Touch of Frost is the oldest series but is still enjoyable to watch.  The characters are strong and change. Frost has good and bad points but why does he always have two pens in his coat pocket?

A good series

Inspector George Gently is over finally. It started well. this is the only show where Martin Shaw acts well in but it got bogged down. his offsider changes way too much for my liking.

A good series that went to competent.

There are a few things that stand out her.
Firstly an outstanding series must have chemistry between their characters
Secondly it seems crime dramas needs to be based on a set of novels. This gives the writers something to think about when starting out. There is a basis for what the episode is about.

You can always watch great series no matter how dated they are!!