Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Still NO evidence and there never will be

It is now Thursday and Trump and his administration (?) have produced not a shred of evidence to back up his disgraceful claims about Obama spying on him.

Producing the evidence would not be hard for him to do. The President has to approve any request by the FBI to the Court so there are records in at least three places.

More over if Obama was the man portrayed by Trump why in the hell did he not leak the alleged recordings of Trump. They would have destroyed his campaign.
Also if said evidence is available then Obama. Clappers and Comey all know they will be caught out.
If Trump was SOOO worked up about these claims how come he tweeted about the Apprentice after this?

Let us be honest. Trump is a fruitloop. A little boy who has never grown up. People who defend are just as bad. They are defending the indefensible.

Imagine if you will how Trump would react in a REAL crisis. God forbid!

If the Democrats have any brains they should go full bore towards a senate inquiry into all of this.
Plenty of material to ensure embarrassment for many months.