Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Will the Socceroos make it to Russia?

Australia beat the UAE 2-0 in a spiteful match in Sydney.

We did not leak as much at the back ( Sainbury?) as usual but still missed chances that should be put away up front.
The more I think about it the more The Socceroos and the Wanderers are alike. Both are leaky at the back and both teams create a lot of chances but miss simple goal chances.
I am genuinely wondering whether we will make it to the World Cup.

We have no great players as in 2006. We have very few whom play in the Premier League, La Liga, The Bundesliga or Serie A.

This means we have to rely on team work and spirit to get through. although the spirit is there the teamwork which was there in abundance during the Asian cup is only there every so often. We are drawing games we should easily win.

The next game against Saudia Arabia will the the bellwether. If we play our best we will win and go on to Russia. if we lose Uh Oh

Two things I should have talked about.
Why are we so lost on through balls?
Why do we give the ball away so often?

It is mystifying. The answer could be lack of class