Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Pauline Hanson shows her true colours

I have written previously about Pauline Hanson.

to be brutal she is not very intelligent and is ageing badly. Her claim that Asians were taking over the country was simply ridiculous. Just as bad was a similar claim about Muslims. There are more one nation voters than there are Muslims!

However in two interviews one on the ABC and another on Channel 9 she has shown she is simply yet another hate filled conspiracy theorist.
Her remarks concerning vaccinations was simply dog whistling about vaccines and autism. something that has been shown to be complete cobblers. In this she is encouraging your parents who are as stupid as her not to vaccinate their children. This is bad not just for their children but for children who go to school with those children.

Her admiration for Putin shows her liking for those men who have a dictatorial streak in them Does anyone really believe the Russians were not involved in blowing up the Malaysian airlines plane?

Finally her attitude to all Muslims is simply mind blowing. Could all simpletons please cogitate on this.
To implement Sharia law firstly you would have to get agreement form all Muslims what that in fact incorporates Sharia law.
More importantly people who are worried about Sharia law cannot count. For this to occur you would need Parliament to pass legislation in BOTH houses.
This means to the simple minded A government ( Muslim of course) would have a majority in both houses.
Given there are more votes for One Nation then there are actual Muslims living in Australia in what time period could this ever occur?

One Nation could very well be a  nuisance to major parties but views like those above means they will never be a major party.
They would either dissolve into intra party squabbling like last time and even now or some members might think they would be better leaders than the ageing Pauline!