Sunday, 5 March 2017

Steve Kates and Catallaxy are both a disgrace and complete and utter wood-ducks

We now know Donald Trump made a number of tweets to accuse Obama of wire tapping him  at his tower
See Steve from Brisbane HERE and HERE.
He offered no evidence to back this up.

Naturally when he did this our own made man in a white coat Katesy went overboard here and here.

Now let us get a few things right here.

  • Trump has a history of making completely unsubstantiated allegations and then moving on people ask for evidence
  • Trump is a great believer in fake news as we have seen in spades since he has entered office
  • Trump had full access to all intelligence and security briefings once he had won the election
  • Trump can authorise the opening of any damn file he wants now he is President
  • Trump's allegations were made on the basis of a fakenews outlet not a briefing. A normal President would have had the official files to show what he was saying was true.
  • No-one at the Chaos house can get their story aligned so there is no official file to provide evidence. 
  • Clappers and Obama have fervently denied such a wiretap. Comey wants the FBI exonerated from such a charge as well.

Normal people would have completely and utterly rejected Trumps charges unless he provided evidence. Once is was apparent that Chaos House had no evidence whatsoever they would have at least retreated from this stupid and utterly highly inept charge.

Katesy and the rest of the fruit loops stand out as not only as stupid as you can get but willing to accept any mad thing Trump makes up.

Goebbels would be proud.


I see the Catallaxy clowns have gone the full monty.
Let us assume their accusations are true. Why in the hel did Obama not leak what would have been highly damaging phone -call transcripts. Why did he do absolutely nothing with any of the information that was gathered?

As President Trump would be told of all phone tapps ( get it) re FISA. They are not automatically given. He would have known of this quite some time ago.

There is NO evidence.