Tuesday, 28 March 2017

A little bit on Econometrics

If you are like me and studied economics at University then you would have done a few units in econometrics.
I remember during my Masters course I got Les Johnson , the american statistics lecturer at Macquarie University at the time. to provide me with a bunch of 'pinko' econometric papers.

We all had to talk about the papers we read, the importance of the papers, the significance etc. For anyone  interested the papers in the 'pink' journals were good. I even read one from Evan Jones who was part of the political economy lot at Sydney University!

Anyway these days I keep up to  date on the date by reading Genial Dave Giles blog.
This blog is a must read!

So of late it was interesting to read three articles on econometrics and how to use/teach it.

The oldest is by Carola Binder.
the next is by the highly authoritative Francis Diebold
the last by the inimitable Marc Bellamare

Given genial dave agrees with Francis I am going that way but it is very interesting if not somewhat arcane!