Monday, 16 January 2017

A humble suggestion to reform Politician's entitlements

In lieu of Sussan Ley resigning ( I'm told she added a s to her name for numerology reasons) the main item has been reform of their entitlements.

I have a humble suggestion. most of the allowances can be done away with.

Let me give a few examples.

When a politician comes to Canberra on sitting days they are entitlements to an allowance to being away from home. So let us say it is $200 a night. Thus this is why most politicians share accommodation. They get $200 a night but only pay say $50 a night. They are making money courtesy of the tax payer.
When they are on duty they get an allowance for staying somewhere in a hotel anywhere in Australia. Again let us say it is $200 a night. If they stay somewhere where it is cheaper than that they pocket the difference.

My humble suggestion is simply get the politician to send in the bill for what they paid and then the Department recompenses them. It occurs like this  in the private sector and it works.

Do it in the public sector!