Monday, 30 January 2017

Fake News

A wonderful example of fake news yesterday and the premier place of fake news in Australia Catallaxy.
Only at Catallaxy could you get an article entitled more-fake-news. which is in fact fake news
The author was trying to say the chart originally done by people at the Cato institute and as yet no-one but no-one has disputed its accuracy.

It is about how many US citizens have been killed by people of certain countries in the USA.

Now I do not believe anyone is so stupid to think :
  • Lockerbie (The Bombing of Pan Am Flight 103)
  • Mogadishu (Black Hawk Down)
  • Maersk Alabama (Captain Philips)
  • Benghazi (13 Hours)
  • Iran Hostage Crisis (Argo)
are in the USA.

The author is thus deliberately lying. We have further evidence of this. M0nty points in the comments his main claim is patently wrong yet no  retraction from the author.

It is disgraceful.

Oh and this absolute mess for a policy has absolutely no evidence about it only bigotry.