Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Do you have to be a glamour to be a female on Sydney TV?

Yes we get into the real substantive issues here!

It has been said Women have to be glamours to get on television but men need only have grey hair to appear wise.
Yes it is a great generalisation but is there any truth in it?

I say no.
Let us take some females on Television.
Firstly we have Lisa Wilkinson on the today show. Apart from Peter Fitzsimmons I doubt if many consider her attractive yet she holds up this important role  on a consistent basis.

Secondly we have Tracy Grimshaw who heads up A current affair ( whom the ads at the cricket tel me is the highest rating tv show at 7 P.M.) Only Grimshaw's mother would consider her attractive but she has been in the industry all her life.

Lastly we have Jessica Rowe. Again here we have another female without glamour but has been employed in the industry a long time.

I might just add Anne Sanders, I remember when she was a glamour but now an ageing beauty ( IMHGO the best kind). If women are only on the Teeve because of their young looks how is Anne still there?