Monday, 2 January 2017

A New Conservative Party in Australia?

Due to two political nonentities and also because of the scarcity of news we had news that a new conservative party may be launched.

I am in vast agreement with:

 so I won't broach what they have written.
A few thoughts on a possible new party
  1. Just what policies has Malcolm Turnbull proposed that are different to what Abbott proposed. Refugees? Gay marriage? Republic? Climate change? Yes that's right they are all the same. That's why his support has declined all the time. Each time someone from the Conservative arm of the Liberal party says boo Turnbull jumps ten foot and then rules out any change
  2. A new party would favour the ALP because there would be a leakage of preferences. Just look at how ALP people got into parliament last election courtesy of the Hansonite preferences.go back and look at the history of two parties that occurred early in our history!
  3. Bernadi has neither the ideas nor the intellect to lead a party. It makes more sense if he directed money to candidates that lean his way. That is he attempts a long term takeover of the Liberal party
  4. Conservatives have no person who could be leader at present. That is why Turnbull is likely to continue as Leader. Abbott is yesterdays man who should have never been leader. There is no -one else now even if most of the Liberals wanted to change!
  5. Conservatives will always be in conflict with economic liberals. You cannot be a economic liberal and a social conservative. There are times you have to decide you are either one or the other.