Monday, 9 January 2017

Susan Ley and the pub test

One thing that is all important in any democracy is the pub test. That is could you go down to the pub and get agreement from said drinkers about a situation that has occurred.

Successful Prime ministers knew all about the pub test. Take Bob Hawke or John Howard. They knew what would stand up and what would not. They would argue quite vigorously on the former and sack ministers on the latter.
Tony Abbott was probably our worst PM and he had no idea of the pub test. One reason for his unpopularity was has advocacy in matters he he claimed black was white and vica versa.

The Susan Ley case simply does not pass the pub test indeed it appears she is taking the electorate for idiots. She claims she drove at tax payer expense from Brisbane to the Gold coast to meet 'stakeholders of whom she will not name.On a whim she purchased an apartment with her husband.

I very much doubt anyone believes this especially since we now know she has made numerous taxpayer funded trips to the gold coast especially for New Years eve!

The present Government is not going very well . Christian Porter is another who clearly does not understand the pub test. Between he and Susan Ley they have gotten the government off to a very bad start to the New Year.

I am wondering now whether the government can ever recover or it is permanently affected like it was when Abbott was PM. Leader instability would indicate some in the Liberal think this is so but their great problem is who is there to replace Turnbull?