Monday, 19 January 2015

Test Cricket Australia V India

The Test series is over.

What have we learnt?

The wickets were terrible. Both Smith and Kohli hit 4 centuries in four tests. Australia always made over 500 runs in their first innings and India over 400 runs in their first innings. A batsman's wicket is a very poor wicket.  We need more help to the bowlers. WE need more pace and bounce. One century in a series is suffice.

The Umpiring was fine by me EXCEPT they did not intervene to prevent sledging. Let us be very clear. Sledging is NOT permitted under the spirit of cricket. The reason being people who sledge do not show respect of the opposition .

Australia learnt very little form this series. Any batting weaknesses  were not seen as the Indian bowling was very poor. It is very hard to make any changes to the batting lineup when everyone succeeded except Watson.

The bowling was lacklustre. An Indian collapse was always going to occur at some time. Harris is not going to be around a lot more. Johnson has lost pace. The others are still not consistent .

The Indians didn't learn a lot either. Sharma too a long time to realise what line you bowl here yet he is highly experienced. The other pace bowlers were lamentable in their length They appear to have a number of very good batsman but you need to get the opposition out twice and they never looked like doing this.

We play for the Ashes in our winter and if I were in England's shoes I would ensure all test wickets are seamer's paradises. To be sure Harris would succeed under these circumstances but our batsmen under pressure could be problematic.