Sunday, 4 January 2015

Coming up

I am plagiarising Andrew Gelman  on this for this month whilst in holiday mood.

I am going to be writing about:

  • holidays down at Jindabine. whatever happened to Lake George?
  • Cricket ( Both on the OZ V India test Series and some other topics such as were the 1948 side really unbeatable
  • Football Asian cup is about to start in town. How will my beloved socceroos ( sorry worldgamearoos) go and how are they playing 
  • Book Reviews. I have read and are reading some fascinating books. Steve from Brisbane will be delighted to know most German soldiers who died from the cold in Russia during WW2 died because their anus was frozen whilst attempting to do an Edgar Britt!
  • Movie Reviews. I saw The Hobbit with my two boys and enjoyed it and am going to see the Imitation Game     ( Both Barkely Rosser and Genial Dave Giles have something to say about it).
  • an accidental meeting with Fred Gruen and his wife ( but no sons) in Mittagong a long time ago.
plus the usual stuff.