Monday, 5 January 2015

My trip to Jindabyne

My family went to Jindabine just after Christmas.

We drove past Lake George which is a lake no more. I remember driving to Canberra and the lake would be lapping up near the road. What gives?

My wife was driving and wanted to drive through Canberra. I drove for the first half of the trip. What was most interesting was the amount of space ready for leasing now. Lots of empty buildings in Canberra if this is any judge.

The area is quite depressing. Lots of smooth large rocks , light brown to white grass and plenty of dead trees. It makes for a dead boring trip either going there or going home.

The one good point was the nights. although the sun was quite hot during the day the nights were cold and you needed a duna. It made for great sleeping.

Woolworths in Jindabine seem to have higher prices than elsewhere. The locals I talked to believe this is due to the trip to Cooma takes a long time where Woolworths competes with Coles and hence lower prices.

We are into fresh fruit and vegetables. Naturally Jindbine has a lower quality than Eastwood.

Woolworths was packed and again the locals told me they get a lot of people coming down there at Christmas time. There did seem to be a lot of bike riders around.

It has a decent cinema where I watched the Hobbit with my two sons at 8.30 on a Tuesday night. It was  less than half full.

One can read a lot. I am not a fan of bushwalks more so given how ugly the area was. It is interesting when the grass is green how much better the landscape looks.

Why does diesel cost more in Sydney than Canberra or even Goulburn?