Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Movies Review

I saw the Hobbit ( Battle of the five armies) down at Jindabyne with my two sons ans then saw the Imitation game last night with my wife.

I found the Hobbit to be quite enjoyable. I have seen all three movies with my sons. The reason I have liked them is that they are nothing like the book which is quite boring UNLIKE Lord of the Rings (the book).

The Hobbit was made to be quite similar to Lord of the Rings and the Director simply made the decision to stick to what has worked previously.

There is plenty of action and I did like Billy Connolly in particular as a Dwarf king in full battle mode.
If you enjoyed LOTR then you will like this and vica versa.

I wanted to see the Imitation game for some time.
Genial Dave Giles and Barkely Rosser have both said something about Turing and/or the movie . See also Peter Woit and the New York Review of books.

It is an enjoyable movie as Turing attempts to crack the Nazi code.
Turing is played as a man who clearly has Aspergers.  He clearly was very bad at socialising and came over to most people very badly.
It is ironic that in the end the team back him up when most clearly do not like him. That provides the flaw and they do become a team.
MI6  clearly are shown as a shadowy organisation.

It too was an enjoyable movie.
Both were quite long as well.