Tuesday, 6 January 2015

State Politics

Interesting happenings in State politics.

Campbell Newman the Queensland premier has called an early election for January 31.
The latest polls are not good for the LNP. but beware with optional preferential voting these polls become problematic. See the inestimable Kevin Bonham. John Quiggin thinks Newman's tactics are flawed.  Mumble's thought are in tune with my own. He writes again today

I can see the LNP winning but with a vastly reduced majority. The only way this could be averted is if people thought there could be an actual change of Government. I very much doubt if this occurs.
Todd Winther weighs in.

See Antony Green's site if you are interested.

In NSW Mumble was correct and I was wrong. Headoffice backed Luke Foley from the left wing. The last time they did this was when they installed Nathan Rees and didn't that go well!

The Liberals/National deserve to get back in but with a vastly reduced majority. This will occur when my cricket team plays in their final!