Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Blogs to read

It is the New Year. What blogs you should  read. I had some spare time so here goes.


  • John Quiggin is probably the first and one of the best. He is one os OZ's foremost public intellectuals
  • Harry Clarke whom I cannot link beci=use of database problems is pretty good also. Big on enviornment issues 
  • Ricardian Ambivalence is first class despite absurdly thinking highly of John cochrane. too little articles in recent times.
  • The Kouk is the mirror image of RA.
  • Mumble is a must read on politics
  • Club Troppo is also good to read. It has nick Gruen ,the nicest bloke in the blogsphere but also the thin skinned Ken Parish and Paul Fritjers. The RSS feed is a must read.
  • Mark the Graph and Mark the Ballot are compulsory reading if only for his sidebars! Articles always useful.
  • Antony Green. Compulsory reading for politics
  • Kevin Bonham. Same as above. A must read
  • M0nty. interesting but not updated a lot.
  • The Piping Shrike. Shrewd analysis of OZ politics
  • Andrew Elder same 
  • Steve from Brisbane. Always interesting on a variety of topics but conservative Steve! I don't think so.
  • Greg Jericho. Always worth a read
  • Peter Martin. An old journo mate from the markets. 
  • the Pollbludger see Mumble 
  • Gerry Jackson Great believer in Hayek and Classical economics. Actually does research unlike Katesy!
  • Jim Rose another Hayekian but produces gems every so often
  • DoverBeach  fantastic if you like Catholic religiosity. Book reviews are superb


If you have others to add let me know