Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Why Satanists support Santa Claus

ah that got your attention.

One essence of Christmas is that is signifies the birth of Jesus the Christ. He came into this world to save people.
Everyone person sins. and the punishment for sin is death!
Jesus not only took our punishment on the cross, He proved by his resurrection he was without sin and thus could take our punishment.

Now let us examine Santa Claus. He apparently knows whether we are good or not. If we are good we get Christmas presents.If we are bad we do not!

Notice how the tale of sin is being twisted.

Now if only good people got Christmas presents then no-one but no-one would get Christmas presents. Only the unthinking  people believe differently!

That is why people who sin cannot stand Christianity. It means there is only one way for salvation and if you deny Jesus then he doesn't take your punishment!!

People love Santa Claus because he is the balance sheet man. If your good deeds outweigh your bad deeds you get presents. He is the get out Claus!  Notice the similarity to almost all religions!!
 That is why satanists love Santa Claus.  It is why the world embraces Santa Claus.
It is the antithesis of Christianity.