Sunday, 22 December 2013

Nazi Germany and Privatisation

the Nazi regime was an evil and very odious regime but in some aspects they very very innovative.

  • Broken windows.  They were the very first to test the broken window theory much later promoted by James. Q. Wilson. It was highly successful in reducing crime which was pervasive until then.

  • Education. The Nazis attempted student centred learning well before it became trendy in the West. However their attempts at using this within the RAD failed just as it did in the USA with the CCC. Incidentally a lot of people believe the RAD gained numbers because it was made compulsory. This is incorrect. The numbers did not change much at all from when it was voluntary to being compulsory.The reason for this is because by 1936 Germany was experiencing full employment. Hence there were numerous loopholes to get out of 'compulsory' service.

  • Privatisation Almost alone amongst Western Countries the Nazis successfully implemented a large scale privatisation programme. As you might imagine it was highly nuanced.