Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Ashes. Why we won!

The Melbourne test has started and it is a sell-out.

Tony and the boys are already talking about it.

Why did we win the Ashes.

Easy peazy.

 The Poms footwork have been all over the place. Cook is the prime example. Both Petersen and Bell did not pay enough respect to bowlers ( mainly Lyon) and paid the price. They the found it hard to regain their 'mojo'!
Also their strategy has changed. When they only played short wide balls outside the off stump and played him off the hip Johnson was hit all around the park. When you drive at him and he is slanting across the batsman you snick him!

They have been bowling far too short. given the only weapon is swinging the ball it reduces the potency of your attack. Both Broad and Anderson are 10 wicket bowlers yet both have struggled because of their poor length.


The Poms have dropped catches they previously took whilst we have done the opposite.

Indeed one might well say the teams are playing exactly opposite of what occurred last time the Ashes were fought for in Australia.