Friday, 13 December 2013

Carly Simon -How to end Castle?

To me this is THE song that Carly Simon made her own.

This live version is magnificent. Her vocals, the backing band and the backing vocals ( the blonde singer is amazing) just go together so well. And Carly makes the singing almost  hypnotic.

The end of Castle
Imagine the Very end of Castle and everyone is dressed up to the nines at the Johanna Beckett memorial fundraiser.
Beckett gets up in a slinky black dress and sings this to Castle.  (The team as backup vocals?)
There wouldn’t be a dry eye in the place!
What a way to end this fantastic series.
Please Marlowe do this!!

go here for a more fuller explanation

Further Update:

I have had amazing feedback on this.
Carly I believe was 60 when singing this and yes she looks good. The blonde back-up singer sings with so much emotion. amazing. Actually the back up vocals are crucial to this song

And if they do something like this for the end of Castle I may just have tears in my eyes as well!