Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Government appointments

The government has made a number of astonishing appointments in recent times.

Let us start with Ziggy Switkowksi a person who failed at not one telco but two!!
Naturally it makes eminent sense to appoint him chairman of the NBN board!

Then we have Sophie Mirrabella blessed with neither intelligence not good looks. She was so good at representing her electorate they got rid of her. It was a 'safe' seat!

Then we have Tim Wilson who is another IPA intellectual lightweight. He wanted the Human Rights Commision abolished. So he accepts an appointment as a Commissioner. We have not seen such rank and  unashamed hypocrisy since the Late Lord Paddy accepted his gong.
On this appointment see Steve from Brisbane's rant here and here. Mumble also comments in more measured terms here.
It seems George Brandis is not just a pompous prat but a person who lacks bad judgement.

I do not mind a government appointing people of their own philosophy to boards but at least pick some people who have a decent intellect. They are the people who can stir things up!