Wednesday, 4 December 2013

I can't work out joe hockey

I cannot work out Joe Hockey.

Does he know his stuff but simply a very bad politician i.e. he couldn't sell a beer in a pub! A bit like Wayne Swan.
Most evidence would suggest this. He has the best department to advise him. He has chosen his personal staff quite well.
However his attempts to sell a larger gross debt figure, his decision on Graincorp and his attempts to talk about both the recent CPI and national accounts were nothing short of appalling.

It was like listening to Steve Kates ( example) and Sinclair Davidson ( example) talk about them. Yes it was that bad.

The problem is does he really believe the claptrap he is espousing on these subjects. If he does Australia has a real problem.
If he doesn't and he is merely a Liberal example of Wayne Swan then we can ignore his public utterances and simply concentrate on what he does.

I will wait for MYEFO to make a full decision. It will be interesting. After-all the only changes to PEFO and MYEFO are:

  • Changes in Government policy
  • Changes in economic parameters.
He has responsibility for the first one and the second one is influenced by nominal GDP ( which in itself is influenced by the terms of trade). He can hardly take the previous government to task when he has been advocating more austerity!