Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Why the New government did not have a Honeymoon

The present government really has not had a honeymoon.

There are a number of reasons for this

  • the-indonesian-fiasco is the main short term problem. It was the INEPT reaction of Tony Abbott that made it a problem
  • The Graincorp decision. David outlines the lack of any effort by Hockey to tell us of the reasons for this
  • The Gonski debacle
BUT I think deep down the main problem has been the contradiction between how the Government is reacting  ( so slow it is boring) and what they were saying before the election.
We only needed a change of government and it would all change and everything would go back to normal.

This implies a short but very hectic period where the new Government gets everything right and then it is all plain sailing.
(The budget being the main game here. It is quite clear now the problem was NEVER a problem of spending. If it were interest rates would be high and rising not low and possibly falling or at least not rising. This has lead to a lot of confusion in voter land)

Not only did the new government do bugger all , all the problems remained.

No wonder the punters are puzzled by the New Government's behaviour and showing they are not all impressed.

This is also showing up in Parliament.A new Government lords it all over the Opposition but they haven't at all. This merely tells me the confidence of the new Government is not high.

However it is early days.