Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Trump aint going to change

It is chaos in the White house and this will not change.
Let mew take two articles from Friday's Around the Traps. Sorry Bruce's is from last weeks.
Bruce Bartlett  enlarges on what goes on. It reinforces what I have read from various peple on what goes on both from 'left ' and 'right'.

Ezra Klein also write on Trump and his interaction with staff.  Also read another article of his where he supports Mathews Yglesias's assertion that Trump is a bullsh-tter not a liar. ( You really need to read it. also remember Trump is a real estate developer.
Trump is an old man. He won't change. He is too steeped in his ways. No-one  but no-one is going to tell him of his many limitations.

The complete lack of self awareness leads him to making numerous embarrassing statements and really stupid tweets when he should be asleep! Only sleeping fours must be having an effect as well.

All in all Trump is not going to change. I have said previously I do not believe Trump ever expected to win the Presidency. We can see that now. He has made no effort to inquire about how Government works. He still has little idea of how important people are in the middle areas of government.

When he talks about legislation he is always wrong about it. Whether this comes back to bite him as those who supported realise they have been dudded we shall see.

However what we shall see is a Chaoshouse in total confusion where staff leak policies because their President  doesn't understand the implications.

Comedians are in heaven.