Sunday, 4 June 2017

Peter Goss excoriates the ALP on Education and gonski

Peter Goss from the Grattan Institute ,quite easily the best think thank in the country, has written about the ALP's reaction the the government's policy on Education re Gonksi.

He finds they ,in my words, either do not understand what Gonksi proposed or are blatantly lying.

IMHO the ALP  and Bill Shorten in particular, are adopting Tony Abbott's tactics. They are opposing for opposing sake with the faint hope the government might collapse.

What he has yet to realise is that what was great for Abbott in Opposition was quite bad for him in government. It will be the same for him. Shorten will not have a majority in the Senate and will need to negotiate. Hard decisions will have to be made and he has no public good will to call on just as Abbott did not.

It is ominous for Australia that this is still occurring. The Political class is still letting us down in Australia