Monday, 5 June 2017

Islamic Terrorism


There has been a lot of rubbish sprouted about terrorism and Islam in recent days.
First a somewhat dated article by Gary LaFree on terrorism.
A terrorist has an agenda. An Islamic terrorist has an agenda to do with  as Duncan Sinclair told us this week. It has all to do with an extremist interpretation of Sunni Islam alah Wahhabism.

Firstly we should be wary of hasty judgments, Let us take Monis from the Lindt siege,. He came here as  a very liberal shia  cleric. Yet he converted to a Sunni fundamentalist without any insight from the security or intelligence agencies. Moreover he was on trial for sexual  assault which is an affront to sunni fundamentalism. Yes they are allowed even encouraged to rape females in a war as Nabeel Quesrhi found out to his horror. But it is not allowed in peace time.
So if one asserts Monis was a terrorist then you have to provide evidence on when this occurred which no-one has yet to do not even the Coroner!
Let us now take a recent incident in Melbourne. The man did two things.
He asked for an 'escort' Compatible with Wahhibist religion. No.
He said he was for both ISIS and Al Qaeda. Hmm. That is like saying you support both Manchester United and City!!He was also a drug addict!

Me thinks people say people are terrorists merely because people say they are.

A lot of brain dead people are saying stop any Islamic people from coming to Australia if they are immigrating here.
What would this do?

It woulds immediately create a us and them society. ASIO would no longer be able to gain any intelligence from the Islamic community.
The reason why the Security agencies have been able to curtail any terrorist incidents in Australia is because of intelligence from the Islamic communities.
Curtailing Immigration from Muslims would certainly eliminate this and heavily restrict any intelligence from the Islamic community.

Could the 'right wing ' in Australia just once think before they speak please!