Monday, 12 June 2017

The UK Election Result

It seems to me most people have missed the obvious explanation for the result.
Most poms thought May's reason for going so early was very specious. They wanted to give her a black eye if not get rid of her.
They knew voting for the Labor party would do that but that the Labor party had no chance of winning so Corbyn could never ever be PM.

What they will get is at some stage a new PM and when the next election comes around a swing against the Labor party as it is now to close in votes to be a protest vote.

Poms are not as stupid as Yanks. Corbyn in his own way is as unfit for office as Trump is. Well yes he is more honest but anyone is. His policies are just as poor.

The sooner the British Labor party realise they did not get close to winning the election and they never will with Corbyn as Leader the better.