Monday, 12 June 2017

The Finkel Report

The Finkel Report was released on Friday.

Given it does NOT recommend a price on carbon which therefore means those things  boosting emissions are guilty of externalities which can be only recovered by such a price I was disappointed.
However it could well be the only way forward so in that way I support it.
One problem is that we would still be short of out Paris obligations however the report's recommendations  can be easily accommodated to have an emissions intensity scheme, emissions trading scheme or a carbon tax being part of it.

If the Liberals cannot implement this then they no longer should be in Government!


It is clear there are some Government MPS who clearly do not believe in climate change and therefore do not care how much emissions electricity powered by coal spews out. No-one is saying coal will be immediately curtailed certainly not Finkel. This straw man argument is made for political purposes. None of the MPs seem to understand NEW coal powered electricity plants will be as expensive if not more expensive than other forms of generation!

Here is John Quiggin