Wednesday, 3 August 2016

TV Shows I am watching

To give it its due 72 in Sydney has a lot of old but great shows on which I tape to the hard drive.

Prime Suspect
I never saw this when it first came out. Jane Tennant is the ambitious but talented detective gradually climbing up to break the glass ceiling. wonderfully written and well acted. Sensational series but has one defect.
Tenant is quite unattractive both physically as well as her personality. yet in each season she is either in a relationship or sleeping around. Absurd. what's worse she smokes!

A Touch of Frost
We follow Inspector Frost as he solves murders.,Combines humour, irreverence and drama very well. Very much dated but still enjoyable to watch Frost does make mistakes showing he is human and fesses up.

Inspector Morse
The lead character studied at Oxford but did not finish his degree. Loves opera, classical music and drinking. I find his down to earth partner Lewis more enjoyable. I just do not rate John Thaw as an actor.Morse has terrible clothing sense as well!

Lewis was so popular as a character they made a series on him. His partner also studied at Oxford but  it was theology. He is like Morse and a poor social mixer.Highly enjoyable. I like the female boss as well who initially thinks Lewis is past his use by date but warms to him as she realises how good he is.

Murdoch Mysteries
this is a Canadian series based on a detective in the last 19th century. Enjoyable. The Inspector
( Thomas Craig) steals most of the scenes and detective Murdoch is too good and intelligent to be true but still enjoyable.

New Blood
This is a fantastic new series on the ABC. One an Iranian struggling to become a detective the other polish in the Serious Fraud office. It is on tonight ans i am looking forward to it.

The Coroner
We follow a coroner as she investigates people who have been found killed. Her key police partner is an ex-boyfriend. how a good sort does not have a boy friend although her daughter  may prove problematic. This is enjoyable but not too complicated.

This starts again on the ABC on Sunday night. Kenneth Branagh is magnificent as Wallander a Swedish policeman. A young Tom Hiddleston is impressive. It is a dark series however id you stay there it is worth it.

This once great series has ended and it wasn't pretty. The last two seasons were complete shite. more on this later