Monday, 29 August 2016

A few random thoughts on politics here

First I think I should fess up to saying I am finding it very hard to write anything on Mondays. Perhaps it is because I am too bored. I can't even be bothered writing about wonderful examples of stupidity at Catallaxy from Katesy or The Peroxide Princess and this is dead easy and takes little time. Things may change. Who knows

Now onto politics.

Northern Territory election
I suspect if was was mad enough to live in the Northern Territory then I would have voted for the CLP. Not because I would have supported them. They were the worst happless water buffaloes ( to use a Roy and HGism)  I have perhaps ever seen. No the reason is it is not good for a major party to be so comprehensively thrashed. We saw it here in NSW and it wasn't good for Government. It is laughable to believe the Four Corners episode had any influence in the result. Since when did people ever give aq damn about anyone in gaol?  The problems the program showed were the result of both the CLP and the ALP as the program showed!

Malcolm Turnbull
Turnbull has shown during the election and since the result he possess poor judgement. the Liberals and Nationals should thank him for winning the election because if Abbott had still been PM they would have been decimated. Moreover since the election he and the government have been reacting to events not giving any lead at all. If the Gillard experience showed us anything it is that people want Governments to lead even when they deny them the means to do that!
I suspect Turnbull will lose the leadership as the polls show he is no longer an election winner, Although I would love Abbott to make a comeback I very much doubt the Liberals are that stupid.
It is anyone's guess who will succeed Abbott. There is no obvious candidate

Bill Shorten
It is remarkable how quickly shorten has changed. He is now a very confident leader. He believes he will win the nest election..He is denying the government the means to a plebiscite making the same sex marriage a constant wound in the government. He is offering the government the means to make budget savings but showing up their duplicity on the matter. He knows no matter how silly the ALP behaves the government will cop the flak.
I am unsure whether he actually sees any medium term problems. Abbott didn't and it sunk him in government. He needs to think about how he MIGHT govern  in the future. 'Good'Short term politics sometimes means very bad medium term politics

Baird has eventually succumbed to bad polls.( This is only one poll and it could well be a rogue .We simply do not know.) We don't know why but we do know it was do to with the Greyhounds ban nor the Lockout laws. Thus it seems the changes to councils and even the inability to sell the poles ans wires must the the main reasons behind the decline together with the opposition doing its job pretty well. I have previously said Baird is not good under pressure as he has had little experience with it. He may well end up changing and as good at behaving under pressure as Bob Carr however I doubt it.
I am staggered by the utter incompetence of Daniel Andrews. He ensured a liberal victory in the Federal election courtesy of his behaviour with the CFA. He does seem the epitome of a thoroughly modern politically correct leader these days. It could laso show how cautious people should be in getting rid of a one term Government. Oppositions are rarely ready to govern. It is becoming apparent the current Victorian Government was not ready at all.