Monday, 8 August 2016

Factional warriors who see the light!

I am very sceptical of people who have used the factional system to get where they are and then decry the whole system.

Let us be bipartisan here.

Paul Keating was the factional warrior par excellence. He did a lot of things in young labor with hard hat Laurie that were highly dubious, Ask Tom Burns,
however on becoming Prime minster he saw the light and talked highly negatively about the factions.  Perhaps it was the new breed of factional warlords. Richo in particular whom Keating saw as one greedy person who only talked about himself and really did know next to nothing. He cost Keating votes when he won the leadership over Bob Hawke. however he did nothing to reduce the power of the factions.

Last night was say Tony Abbott decry the power of the factions in the Liberal party. This man was one of the key people of the right wing faction. He danced merrily when John Brogden attempted suicide.So  factional wars was so inbred in him.
now he has turned.   the cynic in me thinks it is more about Michael Photios being a better organiser than anyone in the right wing of the Liberal party.

I might have believed  either had they admitted they climbed the greasy pole of politics via the factional system but now saw the light but neither did.

Indeed the ONLY person who was changing the system was the horrible Kevin Rudd and the factional warlords took him down and gave very specious polling reasons for doing so.

how ironic that only Rudd has ever acted to reduce the power of the factions and he was toppled for doing so.