Tuesday, 30 August 2016

A few random thoughts on 'Christianity' in Australia

There have been a few things in the news about Christianity so let us look at a few of them.

Royal Commission
Roger Herft at present the Anglican Archbishop of Perth and previously bishop of Newcastle was cross examined about what occurred in the diocese concerning child abuse.  I was not in the least surprised of his fiddling whilst Rome burnt. He is a prime example of an Anglican Archbishop who is not a christian. Like his predecessor in Perth he is not really a supporter of Christ been punished for mankind on the cross nor does he believe in the resurrection.
He is in trouble because like Peter Hollingsworth he did not act as a christian when faced with grave charges.  George Browning another Anglican bishop thought nothing of admitting to adultery. It was not that bad he only did it once!

A pity it  goes completely against biblical principles. The pastoral letters shows god holds pastors etc to a much higher standard then other people.
In all these cases the persons concerned should have resigned immediately after the offence was done. If not they should have been sacked. They could continue to be in church IF they confessed their sins but never in any office.

the Australian Christian Lobby
The ACL  should be an organisation which is rich in christian principles. To my mind the men who have headed this organisation have never shown to be  Their campaign in the same sex marriage debate has been quite poor.
compare the present head performance with for example the-extremely-impressive-katy-faust.

Ask Peter Jensen if he is available to head the organisation. He is quite presentable and highly biblically  literate as most sydney anglicans are

Bill Shorten

Bill got caught yesterday by Ian Powell about his comments on the same sex debate. Ian Powell is a 'refugee' from Sydney where the evangelical view is dominant.  Not a good look Bill!