Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Q & A Brian Cox and Malcolm roberts

I taped Q&A on Monday night and watched it recently.  I was impressed by Brian Cox someone I had never heard of before. Malcolm Roberts came over as a complete fruitloop. Both Linda Burney and Greg Hunt were underwhelming. The Mathematician was a babe, ( technical term!)

Roberts claimed the data was corrupted and there was a conspiracy between  BOM. CSIRO ,NASA  etc.

Gavin Schmidt has demolished the conspiracy garbage here.
And then theres Physics is good as well. Graham Readfern joins in

I think it very appropriate Roberts is part of Hanson's mob. He is right ( pun intended) at home there and deserves it.

I should note Jim Rose thought Cox condescending because of his smile. I thought the smile was merely highlighting good manners,  Denialists would probably no little about manners!

The show also highlighted denialists will NEVER acknowledge the facts. They simply change their arguments as I told Steve from Brisbane so long ago.