Monday, 4 July 2016

Who destroyed the Liberal Party brand?

Peta Credlin one time Chief of Staff to Tony Abbott has heavily criticised Malcolm Turnbull for destroying the Liberal party brans.

Is this true? Of course not.

Immediately on gaining power Abbott tried to say the cupboard was bare and his evidence was the MYEFO they released.Unfortunately nobody bought it.
According to the Charter of Budget Honesty the Secretaries of the Treasury and Finance must sign off on the PEFO which will give an accurate state of the books.
The difference between the MYEFO they released and PEFO was any changes in the economic parameters together with Government measures. It was easily discerned that it was in fact mostly Government changes that had increased the deficit from the 1.9% in PEFO to what would be over 3% of GDP.
Then of course we had the budget which included a lot of measures which were both broken promises and clearly unfair.
Abbott never recovered from that budget. Hence according to Kevin Bonham the final aggregate poll numbers for the ALP was 53.6% of the vote just before he was replaced. Not far away from what the Galaxy poll found two weeks ago.
When Turnbull was installed the numbers went up because the public wanted an adult in charge again. One of the reasons the numbers came down was that Turnbull was seen as cow towing to the 'Abbott ' people and not being Turnbull.
How ironic that the mediscare could only succeed because the 'Conservative wing ' of the Liberals would not allow Turnbull to be Turnbull but Abbott lite.

So Peta Credlin should look in the mirror if she wants to know who was part of the team that trashed the Liberal Party brand.